Thursday, January 19, 2012

Last week while out shopping for some groceries I made sure just happened to pass by the Joe Fresh jewelry display.  Seriously, it was full of beautiful pieces in an array of styles and colours.  With my new goal of making fashion a priority in mind, I decided to pick up a necklace.

I chose this gorgeous one.  I love the layering, the colours and the different materials.  It's definitely a versatile piece and that is so important!

top - gap
necklace - joe fresh
jeans - lucky brand

Do you have a favourite "go to"accessory? Do you prefer necklaces, bracelets, rings or scarves?

On another note, you know what I find totally funny about looking at these pictures? When I looked in the mirror I thought my hair was really puffy but after seeing the pictures I was like "hmmm, it's pretty flat".  How does that happen? I mean, how do we see ourselves so differently in a mirror vs picture? Note to self, add puffiness to the hair!




  1. Love the last photo of you. And I love your hair as is.

  2. uhhh, Look At Your Hair! Phenomenal.

  3. cute necklace!

  4. Julie, seriously your hair is awesome. So much character!
    And I LOVE that necklace. I actually pair long necklaces with tees often. An easy way to take it up a notch:)
    Hope you are having a great week!


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