Thursday, December 15, 2011

Have you ever seen something in a flyer and immediately said "I have to have that" and then head to the store only to find that they have every single colour of the said item but not the colour you were wanting? So you contemplate getting the item in another colour, but you know that you won't be entirely happy, not as happy as you would have been with the colour you originally intended on buying?

Well, that's exactly what happened to me.  The item?  A red sequinned rectangular pillow.  One that would go perfectly with the green pillows we already have on the two leather club chairs in our living room.  A gorgeous red that would shout glam and holidays!

So I waited, and waited, and waited.  I checked and checked and checked, but nada.  NADA!

Until today that is!  I honestly couldn't believe it.  I walked into the store and spotted two red rectangular sequinned pillows waiting patiently for someone to pick them up and bring them home! 

Hooray, happy day indeed.

I am a happy lady today now that the pillows are in place.....ahhhh, a little glam in the living it!

Sometimes being patient really does pay off.  Can be easier said than done, but well worth it in the end!



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  2. Haha :) I hate when that happens. I'm glad you got your pillow though. Very cute. I can understand why you waited :)

  3. So glad you finally got your hands on the pretty pillow, love!


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