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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Okay, really and truly sorry to go MIA like that on you.

How are you? How are your holiday plans & shopping coming along? 

It has been a wild, crazy busy couple of weeks here with family visiting, my husband returning home after being away for three weeks, the kids Christmas concerts,  Christmas parties, swimming, shopping, etc.  Wowza!  I am finally feeling as though things are calming down somewhat (key word, somewhat).  We have figured out what we have left to purchase for the holidays, we shipped off 6 parcels to our family members and today the kids and I will be going through their toys to figure out which ones they don't play with so that we can donate them.

Even though this time of year is absolutely crazy-insane, I really and truly love it!  It is by far, my favourite time of year.....

The Christmas party was fun, however, I didn't get any outfit pics....my apologies.  Next time though, I must remember to break in my shoes before wearing them for a night out.  I'm just happy that I had brought along a pair of boots to wear to/from the party because they ended up being lifesavers on the way home!

Here are a few pics recapping our last week or so....enjoy!

the tree is up...hooray!! 

nothing like a delicious snack to eat while watching Christmas movies!

some new clutches have arrived in the shop! love the pop of colour!

I took part in a lovely home craft show, all of the clutches are lined up ready to go!

two must haves for straightening my hair!



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