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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

                                                                                              Source: via Julie on Pinterest

I saw this photo and all I could think was how much I love her "look".  The skinny jeans slightly rolled up paired with a simple yet classic brown belt.  The open sweater (or is it a blazer??) on top of a versatile long-sleeved, white button up shirt and the heels, oh how I love them.

Yes, I love this look....

How about you?  Have you seen a look lately that just was bang on with how you want to dress? 
If so, please do share!



  1. I do love this look and normally I'm not a skinny jean type of gal.

  2. B, it's so great isn't it? Maybe add a scarf for those cooler days and voila! I'm quite the fan of skinny jeans or cigarette jeans, took me a while to get used to them though.

  3. Why yes, so glad you asked!

    The bottom right photo; the dress, plaid, and jacket layering is just genius, I think.

    Also, I'm on the Pure Green Mag team; thank you for your post!!

  4. Erica, thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! You weren't kidding, that is a fabulous look! I love the jacket and the shade of red of the dress. You're very welcome for mentioning the magazine. You guys did such an amazing job, need to let the world know about it!

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