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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I want to give you a wee bit of a shop update.  First, the shop will be re-opening at the end of next week, after the beginning of the school year.  We have enjoyed a wonderful summer, full of family time.  I think that this is the longest that I've kept my shop closed since I opened it up, wild!  It allowed me to really and truly relax.

With that, September will be a "test" month for me.  This break allowed me to realize the true amount of work it takes to keep the shop running.  I feel as though perhaps it's taking me away a little too much from my family.  The kids are still young and these years will be gone before I know it, I really feel that I need to cherish these next few years.

I've mentioned this before, I believe it was at the beginning of the year, so it's definitely been something that I've been contemplating for a while now.  Sooo, we'll see how things go in September and I will make a decision as to what to do then.  Be it keeping the shop open, going for a temporary closure at the end of the month, only listing items periodically or perhaps I'll only have a small selection of items and will re-list as they sell.

I'm having a tough time finding the right balance....

If I do decide to close the shop temporarily, I plan to continue to sew and to continue to sketch out designs because this is truly something that I absolutely love to do.  I will just have to wait until I have a little more time to put towards the shop.

I have so much admiration and respect for those who take care of their little ones while running a successful business, it's more than a lot of work, I bow to you!

If you were wondering, I do plan to continue blogging if the shop does end up closing next month....


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