Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wow, what a whirlwind last week and the beginning of this week has been!  I've been plugging away, trying to get all of the group listing colour combos made and listed.  I'm so excited to be listing the finally grouping today! although I think I will be making at least one more

So without further they are!

Look for single listings of these colour combos in the next little bit!

Time to put my feet up for a few minutes.....

In other shop news, I do have another bit of info to share with you.  Will probably post about it later this week or first thing next week.



  1. I love the yellow and grey combo.

  2. thank you so much! I always love to hear which colour combos people like the best!

  3. julie they are so gorgeous. it's fun seeing them all lined up like this! great job :)

  4. thanks know, I love that too, seeing them all lined up! I'm going to keep them at the top of my shop for a while just for that reason ;)


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