Clutch Giveaway!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hi friends!

Thanks a bunch for your lovely comments & feedback on the new drapes!  I'm really happy with how they turned out and thrilled to hear that you like them as well!

I wanted to also let you know that the beautiful and talented Anna from In Honor of Design is hosting a giveaway for an elliven Sequin and Ruffle Clutch!  Head on over to her blog to enter and for your chance to win!

It's an absolutely gorgeous day here in the Peg, going to go out and enjoy it!


The Drapes!

Monday, March 28, 2011

So if you've been reading here for a while, or if you follow me on twitterthen you've probably heard me speaking about our living room drapes.  I decided that I was going to attempt to convert them from grommet to pinch pleat.  I'm a huge fan of Sarah Richardson.  She has done some amazing things with pinch pleated drapes, making me want to have some for our living room more than ever before!

I thought that perhaps this would be a fun project to tackle myself.  I sourced out the supplies and figured out that it would be much, much, much cheaper to convert our current drapes to pinch pleat than to buy new ones.

What was my plan?  I wanted to turn the curtains upside down, attach the pinch pleat tape to the original bottom, now top of the curtains and then to fold up the original top of the curtains (with the grommets) to cover the grommets and stitch to make it the bottom (still following?).  I always knew that I wanted to buy a new, thicker curtain rod and to move it higher up on the wall.  So when I hemmed the curtains, I simply folded up the bottom rather than cutting it, this proved to be key when it came to my plan because once all was said and done, the curtains would be the perfect length!

The idea sounded easy enough.  But!  I wasn't sure if my plan would work, and the fear of failing/ruining the curtains was really daunting and holding me back from trying my plan out.

Fear can be quite the pain in the you know what, can't it?!

I finally decided to go ahead and test out my plan on one panel, so I set off to the fabric store to purchase supplies.  This ended up being the toughest part of the entire project!   I hadn't ever seen the hardware to make pinch pleats and so I wasn't sure which size of this or that I needed.  I spent probably a good 30 mins looking at all of the options until I finally left the store with what I *thought* I needed!

So here we go....lots pictures to show you just what/how I did it!

the drapes in their original condition

for some reason I couldn't for the life of me find the hardware I wanted in I did the next best thing!  Bought them in white (at an amazing discounted price, 7 rings for $2) and spray painted them black 

pinch pleat tape, bought by the metre/yard at your local fabric store (found in a box) 

I did a lot of seam ripping with this project! Had to undo the bottom hem that I put in and then I had to take out the original bottom hem (now the top of the drapes) stitching because the pleat tape was wider than it.  So if I didn't take it out, I would have had two lines of stitching at the new top.

stitching pleat tape into place

I then folded up the new bottom of the drapes (original top) twice to hide the grommets

stitching the new bottom

so these are the little guys that gave me trouble...trying to decide which size to buy! who knew there were so many options!

they just slide into the little sleeves!  I love how you can make as many or as little pleats as you want.  they have some with several prongs, which will give you more of a pinch pleated look

and voila! the end result (sorry for the poor pic)!

I was really excited about the end result of this project.  As I mentioned in the beginning, I only did one drape at first.  I nearly cried once I hung it up to see how it looked.  I just couldn't believe that I did this on my own.  It was my own idea, I sourced everything out on my own and made the decisions on my own and the end result was exactly what I had pictured in my head.

So here's to trying ideas out, and even if they don't turn out the way you had hoped, it's so worth trying.  Because you really and truly won't know unless you do!

I'll be adding some of these pics to the Project Make It Flickr Pool!


A Week?!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I can not believe that it's been an entire week since I last posted! Oh goodness, time flies!

Okay, let's do a little recap shall we?  This week has been full of decorating, which is so very exciting!  We have been in this house for four years now and it's gotten to the point that I no longer want to just wait for the decorating to happen.

So I took hubs and the kiddos out to different stores to purchase what we needed/wanted.  This included two mirrors, one for the living room, another for the dining room.  The dining room mirror proved to be a tough one to find, we've literally been looking for months.  We wanted a large one to hang horizontally, but goodness, they are either super duper expensive, or the ones that hang vertically and you think you can change to hang horizontally aren't made well enough to do that to (they warp....talking from experience).  I can't tell you how thankful I am to have a HomeSense here, I LOVE HomeSense.  Great prices and fabulous finds!  We purchased both mirrors from there along with some decorative pieces for the floating shelves we installed (three)!

Another project that I've been stalling on was converting our living room drapes from grommet to pinch pleat.  I finally took the plunge, bought all of the supplies and hopped to it.  I'll be blogging about the process next week sometime once all is said and done.  Right now I do have one panel finished and I'm pretty happy with the end result!  Here's a sneak peek (please don't mind the poor photo, they do look much better than this....but it gives you an idea)

So the house is coming along.  We have a few more thing we'd like to do in the next month or so...painting the living room, changing drapery hardware in the kitchen and adding some new window treatments to the dining room bay window, but those things can wait a bit.

I need to get back to working on the shop.  I have received a shipment of supplies, so I can get one set of Wedding Clutches listed.  Hopefully they will be in the shop by the end of next week.  I also have a new fabric & sequin combo clutch to list.  Here's a look at it:

We are now on March break!  Wahoo for sleeping in and just relaxing!  I'm so happy that we're supposed to have relatively great weather.  We've decided to stick around here instead of going to MN.  We plan to go bowling, check out a few museums and to just...hang out!  Should be fun!

How is everyone doing? Any big plans for this weekend? Any projects to add to the Project Make It Flickr Pool?  I'll be adding my drapes soon!


While I Wait.....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Today I began sourcing fabrics for my summer line.  I know, I know, I haven't even officially launched the Wedding Line, but I have to wait for some supplies to arrive before I can do that.  So, while I wait, I'm going to head to local fabric shoppes to see if they have what I'm looking for.

I already have a clear idea of what I want the summer line to be about.  I want to offer some lovely bold fabrics as well as some fresh prints.

I bought two fabrics today that encompass the look/feel that I'm going for, and this was only day one of my search!

Here's a peek at what I took home today:

I'm really excited to begin working with them and to find a few more fabrics to complete the line!  I will have to wait a wee bit, because the Wedding Line needs to be finished first, but hopefully these gems will make an appearance in the shop mid to end April!


Seeing Red....In A Good Way

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I have to admit that I don't use too many, if any red fabrics in my shop.  I've had a few prints with red in them, but it's definitely not a colour that I work with often.

I've had a red zipper sitting in my zipper pile just waiting to be used.  I hummed and hawed and tried to pair it with several different fabrics, but it just didn't look right.  So it sat, ever so patiently and waited.  Then it dawned on me that perhaps I could pair it with a solid khaki twilled cotton.

Well, I did just that and here you have it!

Now I don't have anymore red zippers, so this one is going to be a one of a kind!  Look for it in the shop later today!

The wedding line is a go! I'm so excited about this.  I've ordered the supplies needed and should have the first batch of listings up in the next two to three weeks!

We are enjoying some lovely weather today!  It's wonderful to not have to wear a bulky winter coat!  Hopefully these warm temps stick around for a bit!


Guest Blogging at Little Alouette!

Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm so thrilled to tell you about this!  Today I am guest blogging over at the fabulous Little Alouette Blog!  I'm sharing my cinnamon roll recipe tutorial!

Please feel free to head on over to this family friendly blog to check my post along with the others out!

Also, I wanted to thank everyone for their feedback and lovely words re: yesterday's post.  You've really helped me and I'm thrilled to announce that I will be going ahead with the wedding line!  I'm in the midst of putting together colour combos and then I will start working on getting the listings up!  I'll post more info soon!

I'm also working on the summer collection, which will be just fantastic! Lots of fresh and fun prints/fabrics to choose from!


Purple and Plans

Sunday, March 13, 2011

So our wonky week continues to be just that, totally and utterly wonky!  With kids, you just never know what's going to happen or what's in store.  I'm at the point that I'm just laughing because it's totally unbelievable what has been happening in this house this past week.  Nothing serious, just one thing after another.  It has been one of those weeks!

Anyhow, with that being said, the shop continues to fill up!  I've added a little more lavender and am about to add a splash of colour.  Stay tuned!

I changed the style up with this clutch just a bit.  I only topstitched the lining.  I think that some people would prefer this look as opposed to having the exterior being topstitched.  This means that there is no stitching running through the ruffle or sequins.  I like both looks, but am happy to now offer a different option!

I am also contemplating offering wedding/bridal party sets of the Sequin and Ruffle Clutches.  They will be sold in groups of four or six, not yet sure which of the two I should go with.  I will start off with already made listings, but am hoping to offer custom colours sometime in the near future depending on the demand and how well the ready made listings sell.

What do you think?

Could you see the Sequin and Ruffle Clutch as something that brides would like to have for their bridesmaids?

Hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend!


Oldie But Goodie

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hello friends!  How are things going in your neck of the woods?  I have to admit, I'm so tired I feel like I'm losing my mind a wee bit tired, but otherwise, can't complain.

I'm sorry to be posting about another shop update, but there really isn't anything too exciting going on here.  I've been sewing like crazy (which I'm thrilled about) but it hasn't left me with much time to create exciting blog posts.  Hoping to change that by the end of the month.

Okay, shop you know I'm working on using up the fabric that I've had sitting in my sewing room before I purchase new prints.  Well, I did purchase some new prints, but they have yet to arrive.  So as I wait, I'm continuing to sew with the older fabrics.  I have to admit, it's been pretty exciting!  I am falling in love with these prints all over again!

I bought this particular print to make baby girl bibs (yes, I used to make bibs, so true!).  It was so tucked away in the back of my fabric stash but I was thrilled to find it and to realize that I had plenty to make a Skinny Clutch and a Small Zipper Pouch!

Here's a look at the Skinny Clutch:

Perfect for spring, don't you think?

Speaking of new, I've added some more items to the shop, including another linen and cotton blend Skinny Clutch with Ruffle and Small Zipper Pouch!  Be sure to check them out!

What are your favourite colours for spring? I'm loving all of the pinks and yellows! Beautiful!


New Lovelies!

Monday, March 7, 2011

My sewing machine sure has been working overtime lately, which is an absolutely fabulous thing!

Last week I took the time to head to one of our local fabric stores, and was absolutely thrilled to have found a gorgeous linen & cotton blend fabric!  I washed and pressed it as soon as I got home and got to work on creating a new line of items out of this lovely find that night after the kiddos went to bed.

So I'm thrilled to offer you a line of Skinny Clutches made with a beautiful light grey linen & cotton blend fabric!  I have three designs in the shop right with vintage lace trim, another with a double layer of twill tape and a third that is simplicity at it's best, nothing added to it other than a small leather tab on one side!  Look for a few adorned with ruffles and sequins in the next week or so!

There are also a couple of Skinny Clutches and Small Pouches made with beautiful spring prints now in the shop!  I hope to receive that new order of fabric in the next week or so which includes a bunch more of prints perfect for spring!

I hope you enjoyed a lovely weekend!


It's Friday

Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm so happy it's Friday, so happy, you have no idea....well, maybe you do, so nice that Friday is here.

This has been a wonky week, that's for sure, but it has turned around and all is well now.

This week I was:

  • thrown for a loop
  • dancing in the kitchen with the kiddos
  • smiling at the computer screen for about an hour after realizing I made my 100th sale (yay! this explains the dancing in the kitchen)
  • taken by surprise
  • happy to get back into running
  • thankful for great friends and great chats
  • proud of my children
It's amazing what all can happen in a's amazing how a week can feel like an eternity or can go by so quickly you can't remember what happened.

I'm excited to relax this weekend and to not leave the house.   This weekend I will be cutting into some new lovely fabrics I just purchased, totally excited!  Think spring, think fresh, think lovely....all coming soon!!!  Again, there will be a delay in the sequin and ruffle clutches/wristlets as I am waiting for a few supplies to arrive.  However, there will still be newness in the shop, so please do stop by to take a peek!

I also wanted to share a fab giveaway for an elliven mini zip pouch that the lovely Jen is holding over at her blog!  Please do stop by to enter for your chance to win!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Ain't It Funny

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

At the beginning of the year, I vowed to not purchase any new fabrics unless I absolutely needed them.  I have a slew of lovely fabrics sitting in my sewing room just waiting to be used, but funny enough, most of them do just that, sit there because the pile continues to grow and grow.  I see a fabric I love, and I have to get it!

So yes, I vowed to not purchase any new fabrics....well, that kind of got pushed to the side today, but I did manage to make it all of the way to March, so that counts for something right?

Okay, so I'm telling you this because I have a lovely new colour combo that I wanted to share with you.  I think it's just perfect for spring!  The funny thing is that I've had this main fabric in my fabric stash for quite some time now, probably since the end of last summer!  It was at the bottom of the pile and I just completely forgot about it.

I just absolutely love how it looks paired with the yellow cotton lining and the grey zipper! A great combo.

There are going to be some lovely new fabrics popping up in the shop soon, probably in the next month or so!  Now that's exciting!


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