Weekly Round Up!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Is it just me, or has this been one amazing week? I mean, I'm tired beyond words, and have taken in my fair share of caffeine to try to make it through the days, but I've read some great blog posts, viewed some lovely photos and found some amazing furniture pieces.

Let's round up a few of these lovelies, okay?

I've also noticed that there seems to be quite a few of us who are trying to cut back on spending this year.  I think we need to rally the troops and all stick together on this one. So far, I'm finding budgeting tough, although it is just the beginning.  So next week, look for a fun treat to motivate you to spend less!

I've also started a flickr group for Project Make It!  I'd love for you to join and post pics of the items you've created!  Remember, it doesn't have to be sewn, it can be any craft, DIY....knitting, scrapbooking, photo albums, etc.  Let's just get them done!  You can find the group here.

Have a lovely weekend!



  1. Julie! So happy to have found your blog this week! Thanks so much for the link love to my before & after post - so sweet of you. Have a lovely weekend!

  2. oh you're so very welcome! it looks fabulous!

  3. That fabric is amazing!
    And I am very happy for Canadians:) No one should be deprived of Target! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Anna, when I first saw that fabric, I squealed! love it! have a fabulous weekend!


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