Reality Check - Budget Update

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Enter the Couponing in Style Giveaway?

Ummm, this budget, well, I think it's kind of given me a wake up call of sorts, reality check to say the least.


I knew I kinda liked to shop, I knew I kinda, sorta liked nice things and I knew that sometimes (only sometimes) I shouldn't have purchased things I purchased.  But I never really took a step back to assess to add up alllll of those little, kinda, sorta shopping totals.

What a different perspective it has given me.

This simplifying life game plan is so great, it really is, but it's also like standing naked in front of a crowd.  If you want to go about simplifying life properly, you can't hold back, you can't hide anything, you just have to set your pride aside.  I'm no financial advisor, I have no financial background and I have only been at this self-imposed budget for half a month, but I really do believe it's such a positive and invaluable change.

So far I have saved or cut back spending in almost every aspect of our lives.  I've saved on groceries (to be honest, that was where most of the over spending was going) by simply reducing our "extras" and by using coupons (not many, but wow, those 50 cent coupons sure do add up quickly!).  I've stopped going out shopping as a time filler....bad, bad idea!  Simple changes, a little common sense too.

It's not about going about forcing change in drastic measures, it's about taking a step back assessing your expenses and re-evaluating/evaluating your spending.

Misconception: Budgets only need to be put in place because you have to be on one.

So far from the truth.

That's my update so is your budget going?



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