Oh Christmas Tree

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's always such a treat to see pictures of people's homes and decorated Christmas trees.  So fun to read about family traditions and to see which heirlooms have been passed down from generation to generation.

So I thought I'd share a pic or two of our decorated tree!

When we first moved out on our own, I was determined to have a tree that was totally coordinated...something a la Monica Geller from Friends....you know what I mean?  And I have to admit that it did start out that way, but things have definitely changed.

With the kids growing up and wanting to help more and more, I've realized that it's more fun to let them enjoy decorating the tree thus creating wonderful memories, than for them to sit back and watch mum decorate the tree.  So there is no rhyme or reason to our decorations.  There are some new ones, some old ones, some from when the kids were born, some from when hubs and I were born, some that are handmade, some that I have no clue where they came from.  Some branches have a million and one decorations on them, some have none.  It's a complete mishmash, but one that I cherish oh so much!

The only prerequisite now is that the tree has to be f-a-t!  The wider, the better!

I have to apologize, the quality of the pics isn't the best....oops



  1. What a wonderful tree!! Love the fullness of it and I think the fact that everyone in your family contributed really just adds to the specialness of it all. = ) Oh and I love the Friends reference! I'm a huge Friends fan and I totally remember that episode when they were decorating the tree! LOL

  2. Thanks Angelina! I think this is probably our best tree yet, so well proportioned! That was a classic friends episode!


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