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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hello! I hope you are all enjoying a great start to your lovely weekend!

I'm so excited to post about this that I couldn't wait until Monday (so unfortunately for those of you who are reading this today, or this weekend, you'll probably see a few tweets about this post until Monday, sorry, I apologize in advance).

So anyhow, as you know, I've been working on constructing and designing a tote to sell in my shop.

My goal was to offer a simple tote with classic elliven accents/details.  A tote that you could use to carry letters to the post office, to carry books to and from the library, to carry your magazines.  It can serve so many purposes and all the while, it will keep you looking fashionable.

I made this one for a family member for Christmas, I hope she loves it!  I'm terribly excited to show you this.....

I'd love to share the name with you, but then the recipient of this particular tote would know it's for her (yup, naming it after a family member, it's just sooooo her!).

tote is made with twilled cotton and features a ruffle down the entire front 

straps have been adorned with a 1" wide strip of brilliant sequins

the inside of the straps are sequin free for comfort 

large enough to carry magazines, but not bulky 

coordinating cotton interior features a two section slip pocket, one of which is pleated

I'm so thrilled with the end result of this design, although there is still a slight amount of tweaking that needs to be done.  It was a challenge trying to find the right embellishments for this tote.  I knew the direction that I wanted to go with it, but finding the right materials sure was tricky!  There will be a few different accents, but the design will stay the same.

I will be producing a few more prototypes over the next little while, and listing them in the next few weeks.

I have been doing a lot of thinking the past couple of weeks about just what it is what I want my shop to represent.  It's always been about simplicity, clean lines, nothing over the top, and I've always wanted my items to help keep you organized and fashionable.  It's sometimes hard to stay focused when you have so many ideas floating around in your head and it can be easy to steer off course (at least for me).  Leading me to make items that don't fit the elliven motto.  I feel that I am getting back on track and after really taking the time to think about the direction I want things to go.  I feel good about where I am at and the direction I am heading with my designs and items.

I truly feel that this tote fits the elliven look, hope you do too!



  1. I love it! The sequined straps are awesome. I can't wait to see more :)

  2. thanks ladies! Em, those sequins are totally my favourite! So glad I was able to incorporate them!

  3. I love the added bling bling! Tres cute!!!

  4. Oh! I love the colours - great tote!

  5. Thanks so much Kelsey and Stacey! So happy to hear that!

  6. Julie, super cute! Jennie

  7. Gorgeous tote! I'm definitely going to check you out on Etsy.


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