Snow Day

Thursday, November 25, 2010

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Well, I kind of wish it was, then I wouldn't have almost gotten the van stuck in the snow on the drive to school not once, not twice, but three times!  Slight panic attack followed suit after all was said and done.  Oh my!

On days like this....

adirondack chairs on our deck

I crave foods like this.....
hearty soup

What type of foods do you crave on snow days?



  1. Wow, you wasn't kidding when you said you got a lot of snow! I wish!

    On snow days I love to go out for a walk with J as it's falling. Then coming home to a warm home, a hot lunch (soup and sandwiches are always a fave), a movie and some cuddles. Ooh, and throw some knitting in there too please! Bliss.

  2. I just finished a yummy mug of hot chocolate almond milk. mmmm I felt I earned it after fishtailing around on those slippery snowy streets!

  3. Too funny! I posted pics of the snow in my yard as well. I was also going to post a pic of the stew cooking in the Crock Pot. :)
    Great minds think alike!

    I crave mushroom soup on cold days. Where do you get almond milk C?(Jake + Cleo) That sounds delish!


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