A Likely Combo

Monday, November 29, 2010

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Hello, hello!

Now that the shop is fully stocked (well, I do have a few more items to list, but I'm happy with the selection that is currently available, so I will list the others shortly), I'm focusing and taking time to design and make new products.

I've been talking about totes for a while now, perhaps not so much on here.  I'm craving to sew totes and think it's time to make them available in the shop.  I'm wanting to offer totes that will help organize, glamorize (well, in a moderate way) your lives without going overboard on the design.....a simple tote.

I've drawn up and a design that I'm totally excited to test out.  I ventured out to the fabric store yesterday to purchase some supplies.  I'm really wanting to use twilled cotton as the main fabric, I love it.  I use it to make my Receipt/Coupon holders and Mini Wallets, just a great fabric.  The lining will be bold and fun designer fabrics, just like the ones I'm already using in my shop for many of my items.

A likely combo....I can't wait to share the finished product with you, here's a peek at some of the supplies I picked up yesterday and my notepad.....


PS You may be wondering whatever happened to the clutch.....I'm still tweaking the design, they are still on my work table and haven't been forgotten


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