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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Oh my, what a wild couple of weeks it has been at our house.  I mentioned before that after my husband returns from a trip, we usually spend time trying to catch up.  The kids need family time, he needs to spend time with us, all the while we try to keep up with our daily schedule, tasks and routines.

When he's home, he still has to go in to work at the squadron, so it's not like when he's away he's away and when he's home, he's home.  He can be home, but still have to go in to work.  Anyhow, the last couple of weeks we have been finishing up projects around the house such as painting, caulking the bathtub, reorganizing a few rooms and shopping for new pieces of furniture and art.  It's been b-u-s-y!

I was in such a great groove in regards to the shop and preparing for the upcoming craft show, but things have come to a halt due to all of the work we've been doing around the house.  I'm not behind, but I'm not as far ahead as I'd like to be.  I don't have much left that I have to sew, but I'd like to be done everything sooner rather than later you know?

I'm also in the process of branding my shop.  This has been something I've been working on for months now.  Months because I'm trying to come up with the perfect look for elliven.  I want the logo to be transferable....I want to be able to use it in my ads, on my blog, in my shop, for my labels, in shipping products,

I want to use it everywhere.  

I want people to see it and say "oh yes, that's elliven" rather than "ooooooh that's elliven?!".  I think I've finally figured out what it is I want to design, but I'm no pro when it comes to working with illustrator or photoshop, well, I'm a rookie, I'm totally and utterly lost!

(I know I just used this photo, but I think it's perfect for this post, that's how I feel at times....lost, not sure which way to go)

So I think reaching out for help will be the way I'll be going.  Right now I'm jotting everything down, searching for the perfect font and trying to best describe what it is that I want my logo/look to look like.  Phew!

Well, with that being said, I hope you are enjoying a lovely Saturday! We will be relaxing today, not doing too much, which I think we are all fine by.


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