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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Last night was the kids first swimming lessons.  M had taken a few lessons when he was really young, but after we moved due to a few different reasons we didn't sign him up again until this session.  For our middle guy R, this was his first lesson ever.

I was nervous for them and for me.  

I wasn't sure how they would handle the pool since they never took lessons and they only recently began putting their faces underwater in the bathtub!  Then for me, I was nervous that I didn't put them in the right levels, I didn't want them to be lagging behind all of the other kiddos, and this was a first for me (swimming in this city) I'm always nervous going to new places when I don't know what I'm doing (truth).

Class started (our kids are in different levels, but their classes are at the same time in the same pool, works out well).  R went in the water no problem (his class used the steps), so I went to go and watch and support M.

His classmates all jumped in the pool.  M stood there with absolute fear and doubt.  My heart sank a little, I was unsure that he was in the right level.  Class continued on....R was having a blast, other than swallowing and coughing up a few gallons of water, he was doing well.  M, not so much.  He was gripping holding the side of the pool, fingers were turning white he was holding on so hard.  His classmates were doing the rocket, were floating on their fronts/backs, it was obvious that they had all taken swimming lessons before, M was the only one who hadn't.

He looked up at me, mouthed "Mum.....I can't".  Oh goodness....

my heart sank.  

His eyes were slowing welling up with tears, he was trying to figure out how to climb out of the pool and he continued to look at me with complete desperation in his eyes.  He wasn't panicking, he just wanted out, but my heart sank even more.  I knew that there was no choice in the matter, he HAS to take swimming lessons, but I worried that he was in the wrong class, I worried that this was going to be a huge uphill battle.  The deck supervisor happened to walk over just then, me = thankful.  I made sure that I had registered M in the right class (I had), I asked what I should do, and if this was normal, yup.....okay then.

Big sigh....I gave him loads of encouragement and support, but he still wanted out.  I gave him a pep talk, I encouraged some more and then.....I walked away, told him Dad would come in.

This was the first time that I'd ever felt like this.  My heart wanted to yank him out of that pool more than anything, my head knew that he had to stay.  I went to get my husband who was watching from behind the glass wall.  I couldn't take it, I knew I was going to break, I myself was near tears.

By the time my husband made it to the poolside, M was splashing away having an absolute blast!  A complete 180.

Goodness, sweet relief.....thank you

He wouldn't stop talking about what he learned the entire way home, he did it.  I was proud, he was proud, and we shared this moment of overcoming fear.

A long story yes, a point, yes.  Even when you doubt yourself and want to run away.....

stay a little longer and believe.

Kids are amazing, and I find I am learning so much from them about perseverance and strength.  They don't always know that they can do something or that they aren't going to fail, but they still give it a try.  I admire this, I admire them, I admire their way of thinking, or perhaps it's that they aren't really thinking about it,

they just do.


PS I bought not one, not two, not three, but FOUR pairs of shoes yesterday! And all for less than $75!  Three pairs of flats and one pair of fancy sandals/flip flops.  Will post a fashion show once they all arrive!

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