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Monday, October 4, 2010

Hello Monday!  I hope you all enjoyed a lovely weekend!

So we didn't exactly tackle the family photo shoot.  Instead, we finished painting the main entryway/hallway to our house.  It's been sitting 3/4 finished for the past...oh, 3 years!  You see, the entryway is two storeys high, so it's a challenge to paint all the way up to the ceiling.  Then there is a large window above the front door, which is above a small ledge.  Tricky to paint to say the least.

Finding out that we will be living here for another two years instead of being posted and moving in the spring made me want to make this house feel much more like a home.  So this weekend was filled with ladders, paint and painting supplies.

I'm so beyond thrilled to FINALLY have the entryway 100% complete.  I surprised myself by being able to climb that ladder all the way to the top to finish the trim along the ceiling, it's much higher than it looks!

Next is to repaint the upstairs hallway and then our master bedroom.  After that, we're all done painting! (I think!)

It's such a race to the finish when my husband returns home.  We have a list of all of the things we need to get done and we rush to finish it all before he leaves for his next trip.  With winter weather looming, we are indeed rushing to complete some household tasks.  Next on the list is to re-caulk the bathtubs, put away the patio/summer furniture/outdoor decor and then it's time to tackle the basement reno (hip hip hooray!).

We're getting there....and boy, is it ever a great feeling!

are there any home projects that you are currently working on?

In shop news: Do you remember this post?  Well I've taken a good look at the items that I currently sell and have been sketching updates to the current designs.  I've decided to redesign the iPhone/iPod sleeves and Notepad Holders.  Look for the new design in the shop in the next little bit!



  1. Congrats on the completed entry-way! I don't have any home projects like that, since I rent, but I am working on decorating and as soon as I get some extra cash I'm going to reupholster my couch!


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