Simple Yet Fun - A Tutorial

Friday, September 3, 2010

I absolutely love tutorials! I can't get over how talented people are and how many fabulous ideas there are out there! Being that I'm a lover of tutorials, I thought I should perhaps start sharing some of my techniques/ideas for making items.

So we'll start with a short, simple tutorial. One for decorating packages, be it for shipping items from your Etsy shop or to use when wrapping a gift for that special someone.

I think it's fair to say that there is nothing like receiving a beautifully wrapped gift. I love, love, love taking the time to decorate orders from my shop. I always include a special note to the client and then wrapping each and everyone one, one at a time. I just truly appreciate people taking the time to peruse my shop and ordering items from me.

Okay, on with the tutorial....

decorative tissue band - a tutorial

What you'll need:
  • tissue paper
  • cutting tool
  • ruler
  • edge punch (I am using the Martha Stewart doily/lace edge punch....the double edge would be great here too, or even decorative scissors would work)
keep your tissue paper folded up (or fold it a few times if it isn't folded when you purchase's just easier....but do make sure it's not too thick, you'll see why in a bit)

measure the width you'd like your strip to be and cut a straight line (I've chosen 1.5")

this is what you'll end up with:

next you'll need your decorative edge punch

I just love this little tool! I use it to edge the personal cards I write to clients. I think mine needs to be sharpened, I've read to punch foil wrap and that will sharpen the edges for you, I have yet to try it though. This is what the bottom looks like

next, you want to feed your strip of tissue paper through the edge punch....this is where you'll need perhaps a lot a little patience....the tissue paper can get stuck in the teeth of the edge punch...have no fear, simply pry it out gently (this only started to happen to me recently, which is why I think the teeth are getting a little dull). Just make sure that the tissue paper stays lined up nicely so that the holes aren't all uneven.

here is the strip after you've finished with the edge punch....

open it up to reveal your single strips

now, what to do with it? good question!

I personally like to wrap it around the bags I use to package my items after wrapping them in tissue paper, like this (I use double sided tape to stick it on)

or this (in this pic I have cut a 2" strip with blue tissue paper for more of a contrast on the white)

then you can add some fun and lovely washi tape (loooove washi tape) on the back of the bag to seal it shut perhaps? (a white strip of 1" tissue is used in this pic), add your stamp to the front for extra detail, or even stick a paper doily under the strip of tissue to add a little something

cut loads of different widths and colours for a fun and decorative way to package your items

Use some of these to wrap around boxes that have been wrapped up in kraft paper maybe? Oh several different colours/sizes all wrapped around in a row? You can really let your imagination run wild! I've used a simple display on how to use these strips (I do add a little more to the package if I find that the decorative tissue strip isn't enough)....really, they are loads of fun (especially when you have to clean up the small dots of tissue paper that the edge punch leaves behind!), and quick and easy to make.

I hope this has give you some inspiration/ideas! If you use this, please take pics and leave a link here for me to see! Feel free to share this tutorial with friends and family! Oooooh, Christmas presents all wrapped up with holiday coloured tissue!!! Love it!



  1. It looks pretty! Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Thanks so much and your very welcome! Glad you like it!


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