Pine Cone Love

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Since I've already begun speaking of fall, cooler temps and the upcoming holidays, I figure I might as well keep on going!

Every year I always get excited when the stores stock scented pine cones on their shelves. I can't wait to get my hands on them and to place them neatly in a lovely bowl near our front door. Their scent just screams holiday, festivities, joy and happiness (yes, all of that from a bowl of scented pine cones).

I am thinking that this year, the kiddos and I should make our own. The boys absolutely LOVE picking up pine cones when we are out on walks as a gift for mum. At first, I couldn't figure out why they chose pine cones as my gift, but then I realized that if you look around our house, there are bowls of pine cones in a few of the rooms. Even though the smell doesn't last all year round, I still love the look of them stacked in a tall glass vase, or placing them in a silver coin bowl on a side table.

I've been looking around online, scouring recipes, and as I thought, many of them simply say to use cinnamon. While looking for these recipes, I discovered some other brilliant ways to display these lovely smelling holiday decorations and I wanted to share them with you!
  • this tutorial is simply fabulous....a lovely pinecone garland to hang in a special place in your home
  • what a great way to use your old, broken crayons! eco-friendly holiday style!
  • attach the pine cones to your favourite wreath for a special welcome to guests when they arrive at your door
  • add some pieces from your christmas tree to a bunch of pinecones and display in a glass bowl
  • a little dried orange peel can add colour and a lovely, fresh scent
I'll be sure to post some pictures of our project once complete!

do you have a love for scented pine cones like me? (please say yes!)


all photos were taken by myself


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