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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Things are getting a little "girlie" here in the elliven studio!

You know, it's funny that I should have three boys, since pink is by far my favourite colour! Oh pink, how I adore you. Not only do I love pink, but I also have a love for tulle. I had extra tulle added beneath my wedding gown to give it more volume and I just love the custom tutus that you can buy for dress up,

it's just so fun

Well, I've had this idea for quite some time, and was finally able to test it out today.

So far, I'm thrilled with the results! There is still a little tweaking that needs to be done, but all in all, I'm a happy camper! I will also have to figure out how to photograph them, the tulle doesn't show up if there is too much light. Hmmmm

I think they would be great cards to give after a baby shower, wedding shower or to that special girlfriend!

This look will also be used on my receipt/coupon holders as well as other accessories. I'll let you know when they are available (a good reason to follow me here on the blog and on twitter...). Speaking of my fabric accessories, please know that I have a whole slew of them in the works. I'm working on them every night and hope to have some new ones listed by the end of the upcoming weekend.



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