A little bit of holiday spirit!

Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm working on getting items ready for the shop re-opening. I'm pretty excited, because things are looking good, the shop should open at the beginning of September, as planned! Yay!

Right now, it's tough not to throw on some holiday tunes while in my studio. There's loads of green, red and white fabrics all around!

I gave you a preview of the holiday stationery sets (there are also a few more of those that are now finished). Here is what I'm currently working on (please excuse the terrible photo):

holiday gift tags

I'm almost finished 60 holiday gift tags (will be sold in groups of 10). Just need to cut the threads, add some bakers twine and round some of the corners.

Next up is completing 6 unfinished accessories (mini wallet, receipt/coupon holder and notepad holder) then I'll be working on two new items! Can't wait to show them to you! Hopefully the shop will be fully stocked in no time.

Hope you all enjoyed a lovely weekend!



  1. looks great, julie!! these are fabulous, i'll bet they'll be a hot item in your shop :) keep it up!!

  2. thanks Lesley! that would be nice, wouldn't it?! :)


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