Do What You Can When You Can

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I have to admit something.....I used to believe that you could only work on holiday items at a certain time of the year, like there was a written rule somewhere out there. For example, working on your Easter line in November, not allowed.

At my first craft show, I asked a veteran crafter when she started to work on the items she sold for shows (she only participated in Christmas shows) and I have to admit that I was a little shocked when she replied "all year round". I truly believed that you were only "allowed" to work on Christmas items in the winter time. All I could think of was how genius that was.....or perhaps I should have just considered it to be common sense (not that she isn't a genius).

I realized then that I needed to begin planning ahead a little more, well, A LOT more. This is the first time since I opened my shop that I am working ahead for an upcoming holiday (sad, but true).

I've started with items for my stationery line.....

fabric ruffle card - set of six

I've also cut out and sorted all of the materials for some holiday gift tags. They are patiently waiting to be put together (hopefully this weekend).

soon to be gift tags (kraft and white cardstock)

It's such a great feeling to have started these items, I should definitely do this more often (don't worry, I will be doing this from now on).

These items will be ready for when the shop re-opens at the beginning of Sept, plenty of time for the upcoming holiday season.

Hmmm, another lesson learned I believe. I now do what I can (in regards to the shop and in everyday life), when I can and no longer wait. Those so called "rules" of only being able to work on certain items at a certain time of year have been pushed aside. This way, I'll be able to keep up and not get left behind. So if I don't have time when the time comes, I won't have to worry.



  1. loving these already! can't wait to get some of your christmas stationary!

  2. So thrilled to hear you are liking them Nicole! Thanks! I can't wait to show you some more....soon!

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