Baby Steps...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our little J is trying to figure out the art of walking.....he's taking baby steps, which you could say are an essential part of life. Not only do they get us up and moving, they can also help you obtain your goals. All in all, very important .

I've made a decision, I'm jumping in head first and giving this shop of mine a real chance. I am going to give all that I can when I can because it's what I really want. Just go for it!

I am getting organized, and it's helping so much. I can think clearly about what's next, I can see what's next. I've made some purchases that will help brand my shop and bring me to the next level and I'm so happy that I realized this.

sometimes all it takes are a few baby steps

Right now I'm taking baby steps....I don't have to move mountains, baby steps will do, they will get me where I want to be.

Even though I only plan to take baby steps for the first little bit, I have no doubt that I'll have the same end result as little J.....

Pure and utter joy! Way to go little guy! Before you know it, you'll be chasing down those older brothers of yours! and way to set a fabulous example for your mum!



  1. Baby steps are always good. I'm loving hearing about all your enthusiasm. Keep it up.

    And your son is adorable! Look at that smile! Melting...

  2. Hi Adele! Thanks so much! You know, I think the enthusiasm is partially due to me finally making a decision to forth and see where this can all lead to. Before, I just held back, but no longer. Hopefully it sticks with me for a long time!

  3. Julie, that's fabulous...for J and yourself! Sending lots of encouragement and positive vibes your way:)

  4. Thank you! I need the encouragement and positive vibes....I'm terribly nervous that I've lost my mind, but am excited about the new possibilities! Fingers crossed!


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