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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ever since I found out that I was able to get a table at a local craft show, it's been work, work, work....which I'm very happy about (I find it so tough to figure out just how much to make for shows, do you feel that way too?).

The feeling that sewing and creating brings to me is priceless.

it's something I need and love to do

I cut out several receipt/coupon holders, mini wallets and notepad holders.

I've grouped them by colour (to limit the amount of times I have to change the thread colour) and started sewing them a few nights ago. Last night I pressed them and they are now ready for the final touches!

Here are a few from the first bunch:

I'm unsure of how many of these will make it to the shop, since I am working on stocking both it and the craft show. Right now I'm all sold out of mini wallets, so I'll be sure to add a few of those before anything else (last one sold last night! thank you!).

I'm impatiently waiting for my husband to return home (he was supposed to be home on Wednesday), so that I can get to the fabric store. It's just so much easier to go on my own, rather than bringing all three kids. I like being able to take my time and really look around. There are a few materials I need to purchase to finish the receipt/coupon holders....hopefully he'll be home today, hopefully.....


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