Oh So Lovely

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Isn't it amazing how wonderful you can feel after receiving a burst of inspiration? I'm most amazed at how I can sometimes be inspired in/by the most bizarre places/circumstances, but I truly love it when I'm hit with it!

The shop will be closing in a few weeks time for the summer and will re-open in Sept (perhaps a little sooner depending on when we return from our trip to Ottawa). I'm so so so beyond excited about the shop re-opening. I'm taking time to revamp my little shop during the closure. I plan to make sure that it is full of items and I will be introducing at least one new design, perhaps more (yay!). I'm truly excited.

I absolutely LOVE my new sewing area, it's what I needed and even better than when it was upstairs. I have my own little space and no one else goes back there, it's lovely.

We have enjoyed to lovely weather days in a row. Unfortunately the dark clouds are rolling in as I type. The rain will be good for the flower beds and the sun IS supposed to return tomorrow, so I won't complain too much.

I only just realized that I had not thought of what to get/make as a gift to give to my son's teacher! Ooops! I decided to make her a tote. Do you remember the totes I used to make? Here are a few pics:

I haven't made one in such a long time, so I'm looking forward to putting one together. Hope she loves it!

Okay, must run now....what are you making for the kids teachers?


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