One Down

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Well, I'm amazed at how quickly I was able to scratch one of the items off of my to do list. I mentioned some of the items that I want to make and purchase for our upcoming trip to Hawaii here.

I finished the laptop sleeve. I have to admit, it's no masterpiece, I didn't have the right sized zipper, the one I hand in stock was a tad bit too short, but all I'm all, I'm happy with the end product. I've made zip pouches before, but none this size. I added a slip pocket to the front just incase. I never seem to have enough pockets!

This will work perfectly for carrying my Mac on the plane ride.

I hope you are all enjoying a lovely day. We have a baseball game tonight, hopefully there will be no rain.



  1. I love the fabric you used!

  2. Now if only I can convince my hubby I need a laptop... :P

  3. Many thanks ladies! It was nice to finally use that fabric, it's been sitting on the shelf for a while now!


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