It's Been A While

Friday, April 2, 2010

It sure has hasn't it? Sorry about that friends. A little impromptu break I suppose. I am at the tail end of another week of solo parenting. I've been hit with a nasty cold, my head is pounding, my back aches and my throat is sore. The good thing is that the kiddos are feeling better. I can handle me being sick, but I just very much dislike seeing the kids fighting colds. We sure have been sick quite a bit this winter, hopefully we won't see a rerun next winter!

I'm jealous of those of you living in Ontario. We aren't lucky enough to be enjoying high 20 temperatures. Instead, it's pouring rain, grey skies are hovering all around and it's even supposed to snow tomorrow....gasp! Ugh, no fun. Hey Ontarians, send some sunshine this way please! Thank you!

In shop news, I'm currently working on three Receipt/Coupon Holders, three Card Wallets and two Gift Tag sets (thanks for the gift tag love by the way!). Speaking of gift tags, I'm hoping to reduce the shipping price for the sets with lower quantities. Going to source out envelopes, and shipping costs this coming week.

I was thinking the other night that I needed to figure just what I was going to focus on making for the shop. I have been making a lot of stationery sets (which I love to do) and haven't been making many fabric accessories. I felt for some reason that I had to choose one or the other. Then I realized, that that wasn't true! I love making both stationery AND fabric accessories. I just have to balance them so that one doesn't overshadow the other. I'm taking time to promote the stationery sets right now, since they are all so new (more on that to come!), but that doesn't mean that I need to halt production on my fabric accessories. I definitely need to get more Receipt/Coupon Holders in the shop, they are by far my most popular accessory.

I sure can make things complicated sometimes can't I?! Glad we solved that problem!

I hope you all enjoy a lovely Easter weekend! HOP, HOP, HOP!



  1. Hopefully we can see your bunny cake. I am making cupcake baskets, my mom always made for us.

    I agree, you make what you want for your shop, as long as you love it. I love dolls but I make other stuff too. I'm going to add some new stuff to my shope that isnt crowns or dolls, but just something I love doing. AND hopefully someone loves it too. he he

  2. hope you get better soon and had a good easter weekend!
    ps. i can't believe ontario is having patio weather right now.. so jealous.


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