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Monday, March 8, 2010

Good morning to you!

Did you see that I managed to get the first set of elliven stationery listed? I posted shortly after listing them....I'm nervous, I just am. It's something new for me. And although I've done my research and tested the product out, I'm still nervous.

That being said, I've decided that I'm going to offer more varations for the envelopes. I am currently sewing them together and adding a fabric deco to the front as seen here:

Due to the height of the ruffle you may have to pay extra shipping to ensure that it gets to your destination. The envelope does fit through the small mail slot at the post office, but it could get stuck, so paying the extra postage allows for more wiggle room (it fits through with ease when the extra shipping is added). In Canada it costs $1.22 to ship. I mailed a few out to a few people, including myself. I have to admit that when I opened up the mailbox and first caught glance of the envelope I giggled, I just love how they look!

However, not everyone is going to want to pay extra shipping to send them out. So I'm going to also offer packages that include regular pre-made kraft envelopes, so that if you don't wish to pay the extra postage, you won't have to, as well as handmade envelopes (like the ones pictured above) with a straight/flat piece of fabric added to them. You will still receive the washi tape, which will add that extra special touch to the package.

More cards to be listed this week!

Okay, off to get some stuff done!

Enjoy your Monday!



  1. Julie, I love the ruffle! Who says you have to mail them? I would probably use them with teacher's gifts from my kids or along with presents. I love ruffles though, so adding a flat envelope as an option is probably a good idea ;)

  2. Jo-An! I'm so happy to hear you say that....both that you love ruffles and that you wouldn't necessarily mail these. I was hoping that people would also use them as birthday cards or to hand deliver. I've purchased a few pre-made kraft envelopes, and I'll probably offer both just incase. Thanks for the feedback!


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