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Monday, March 29, 2010

Hey everyone!

Today is the first day of March break for us. The boys and I went to Toys R Us first thing this morning so that they could buy a few things with the Easter money that Grandma sent them (thanks Grandma!). They were so excited to buy things by themselves, to hand the money to the cashier, it was so exciting to them.

I have to admit that I wasn't exactly looking forward to this little outing since I was going to be taking them by myself. Usually a trip to Toys R Us results in at least one meltdown if not two. So I explained everything to the kids more than once about how they could only buy something that was $10 or less and that they had to behave, and gosh, it actually worked! They were little angels, it was such a great trip! I'm thankful!

So, did you see yesterday's post? It included a sneak peek at a new elliven stationery item? They will be listed in the next week or so!

Okay, time to get some housework done while the kids are content!

Cheers, hope you all enjoyed a lovely weekend!

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