Six Months....At Seven Months

Monday, February 22, 2010

Isn't it amazing how much life can change in six short months? Our little Jenson is now six months old (well he was, a month ago, hence the title) and I'm still in shock. He's gone from a baby who just lies around and looks at all that's around him to sitting and grabbing and figuring out cause and effect. I'm amazed that he's already six months old, that he's sitting, that he's "joking" with us and that he's eating solids. When-did-this-happen?!

In six months, I've changed the name and look of my shop and blog. I'm in the midst of trying to figure out what it is and where it is that I want this shop of mine to go. I have ideas, I have visions and now I need to figure out which I want to focus on and how I want to pursue them.

Life is good, I feel refreshed after going to bed earlier than early for almost a week now (literally was asleep by 7:30pm the other night! GAH!) and am thrilled to have energy again. The kids have shaken off those nasty, irritating colds (yes, I'm knocking on wood), and are in fabulous moods.

I'm THRILLED with how my new project is coming along. So far, so good. I'm just waiting on those supplies and then I can reveal and list everything! This is exciting!



  1. Thank you! He's definitely gotten a hold of my heart strings!

  2. Jules..he's SOOO PRECIOUS!! I can't believe how much your boys resemble each other. Jenson is a complete mix, 1/2 Ripken, 1/2 Maddox!

    I wish I could squeeze him!!!

  3. Heather! I totally agree, that he looks like the other two combined! Thanks sista!


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