Redecorating And Designing

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My word! The last two days have been full of redecorating and redesigning! Can you believe that I found those dining chairs I spoke about earlier?! The ones that the store said that they wouldn't be restocking.....well, I found them in the store, sitting pretty waiting for me to pick them up and take them home! I'm beyond thrilled! Then I found a gorgeous red galvanized steel bucket with wooden handles at Home Depot. It will be used as our recycling bin in our kitchen. So bright and vibrant, LOVE it! Our kitchen looks soooo different with these new items.

I am jotting down ideas and drawing out new designs for the envelopes/packages I posted a few days ago, which is very exciting! I hope to have some listed shortly. I have a few items to sew and finish first.

Our ear infection chunky monkey is feeling MUCH better, which is wonderful. He definitely still needs to be given some medicine once a day, but the sparkle is back in his eyes and he is smiling much better.



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