Friday, February 12, 2010

Patience is key....that is what I am always telling our eldest. I need to listen to the words I speak.

I am so excited to get the package pretty items listed, but they will have to wait. I've ordered more supplies, a few little things I need to finish off the packages. I know what I will be doing and how they will be listed, but until I have all of the supplies, I can't move another step forward. Bummer because I really can't wait to make them! But....patience. Before I know it, they will be a new part of my shop!

We are starting to feel better over here. The poor kiddos, feeling so terrible. I hope that this is it, and we now have spring aka fresh air, opening the windows in the house to look forward to. Can you smell the fresh air.....ahhh, I can, can't wait! Again...patience.

Have a lovely weekend with your loved ones!


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