Hit Hard

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My poor middle chunky monkey has been hit hard with a nasty cold. We took him in to see the doctor today and sure enough, he has an ear infection. None of the kids have ever had an ear infection, so that is new to us, but it seems as though we've had our fair share of colds this winter. I'm about done with colds thank you very much.

I'm still thinking about selling the packaging kits in my shop. They are seriously so fun, and I think that they would work well for small gifts and even some shop items. I have so many more design ideas (still waiting for embellishments to arrive), will definitely have to share them with you once they are all complete!

Did you happen to see this post over at the RikRak Studio Blog? Ever since I read it, I can't stop thinking about it. I totally want to get my hands on a few vintage pyrex dishes/bakeware. I have a fabulous spot to display them in my kitchen. I am in LOVE with the lime green casserole dish that is adorned with green flowers.....too cute!

Tea is ready, time to put my feet up!


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