Sunday, February 7, 2010

Isn't it amazing how a long weekend can play tricks with your mind? I'm having to tell myself every other second that today is NOT Monday. There wasn't any school on Friday giving us a long weekend.

I'm so disappointed! Remember that bookshelf I posted about from Costco? Well, it arrived, but my oh my the colour was nothing like that in the picture! It had an orange tint to it, not dark cherry at all. Ugh, so disappointing. Back to the drawing board to find a nice set.

I'm debating on buying a set of chairs for the living room. We aren't sure if we want two leather chairs or two fabric chairs. We plan to get a new leather couch, and I'm thinking that I would prefer two fabric, just don't want too much leather and I like the texture of fabric. Hmmm, decisions, decisions. Wish I had Sarah Richardson from Design Inc to help me out!

Also, I'm working on something new.....and am thinking I might start offering them in the shop. I'm not sure about this, as it's just in the beginning phases, but I am excited about it, so we'll see! I'll be showing you what I'm talking about in the coming week.

Morning coffee time! Hope you are all enjoying a lovely weekend!



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